Mission Statement  


Our mission is to maximize student learning by providing engaging and meaningful opportunities in a positive environment, where relationships are built and successes are celebrated.



We envision a school of excellence that is focused on students and valued by the school community.


We Believe ...

  1. We believe in a safe, inviting school where everyone is treated with respect as a basic educational right.
  2. We believe strong, positive relationships among and between students and teachers are essential.
  3. We believe in a share focus for the evolving needs of the students and community.
  4. We believe our role is to design engaging, challenging and meaningful learning experiences for all students.
  5. We believe in the commitment of the school community as a necessity to the educational sucess of our students.
  6. We believe students should be active participants in determining and achieving their goals.

  About The School  

About EMS

Eastbrook Middle School envisions a responsive school that is focused on students and that is valued and respected by the community.

Our mission is to increase students learning by providing students and staff with meaningful, challenging, and engaging educational experiences in a safe
and supportive environment.

All teachers at Eastbrook are highly qualified. Parents and guardians have the right to know and to request information concerning the qualifications of teachers and paraprofessionals who work with their children. For more information about this please call or email our Principal, Dr. Greg Bailey.
Phone: (706) 278-6135.